How Long Do Bosch Dishwashers Run? [All Bosch Dishwasher Cycles Explained]

Bosh Dishwashers are great as kitchen appliances. They have different wash cycles and efficiently clean your dishes. The best part about the Bosch Dishwashers is their cycles; they have different cycles each suited for different washing requirements. These wash cycles leave many people confused especially those who are using a Bosch dishwasher for the first time. 

If you are confused about how long the dishwasher cycle should be specifically for your needs then you are at the right place. This article will guide you on what these wash cycles are best suited for and which one is best for your needs. 

What Are Different Bosch Dishwasher Cycles?

bosch dishwasher cycles
bosch dishwasher cycles

In general, there are 8 different cycles on modern-day Bosh Diswashers including-  Auto Wash Cycle, Heavy Wash, Delicate Wash Cycle, Express Wash Cycle, Normal Wash Cycle, Sanitize Wash Cycle, Rinse-Only Wash Cycle, and Quick Wash Cycle. 

Each of these cycles has different durations and water temperatures that are best suited for the particular wash. 

1. Auto Wash Cycle

Auto wash cycle automatically adjusts the dishwasher cycle as per the cleaning requirement. The temperature of the water as well as the cycle duration gets adjusted depending on how many dishes you want to wash. Talking about the duration, the auto wash cycle usually lasts 95 to 135 minutes. 

2. Heavy Wash Cycle

Heavy Wash Cycle is longer than the auto wash cycle and can last somewhere between 115 minutes to 135 minutes, in fact, it is the longest wash cycle on a Bosch Dishwasher. This cycle is best to go for if you have dishes with sticky stains that aren’t easy to remove. 

3. Delicate Wash Cycle

The delicate wash cycle lasts up to 80 minutes. This wash cycle is best for delicate dishes like those made of glass. This wash cycle brings the water temperature to the lowest when compared to all the other cycles so there are lesser chances of dish breaking while cleaning. 

4. Express Wash Cycle

The express wash cycle is fast and generally has a duration of 30 minutes. If you have wine glasses or silverware to clean, then you can go for the express wash cycle. 

5. Normal Wash Cycle

Normal wash cycles are best for the everyday wash. For those dishes that you watch every day, you can go for the normal wash cycle. A normal wash cycle has a duration somewhere between 90 minutes to 110 minutes. 

6. Sanitize Wash Cycle

As the name suggests, this wash cycle kills all the germs and dirt on the plates. When using this wash cycle, the temperature of the water goes up to 151 degrees to clean the germs.

Sanitize wash cycles are not recommended for delicate utensils and dishes because of high temperatures. A Sanitize wash cycle will last somewhere between 60 to 90 minutes. 

7. Rinse-Only Wash Cycle

The rinse-only wash cycle is the shortest and lasts up to 15 minutes. You can go for this cycle if you only want to rinse your dishes after you have cleaned them. 

8. Quick Wash Cycle (60-Minutes Cycle)

Quick Wash Cycle also known as the 60-minute cycle lasts up to 60 minutes. You can go for this cycle if you have to clean regular dishes and utensils that are not too dirty. 

How to Choose the Right Wash Cycle on Bosch Dishwasher?

Among these 8 wash cycles, which one is best for you? All these Bosch Dishwasher wash cycles are meant for different purposes.

If you are choosing a wash cycle, you should consider the following factors:

  • Consider the type of dishes you will be washing in the dishwasher. For instance, if the dishes are delicate then you can go for a delicate wash cycle, and if you have to wash regular dishes then you can go for a normal wash cycle or a heavy wash cycle.
  • It is best to categorize your dishes in different batches and then choose different cycles for different batches. 
  • The next thing to consider is the level of dirt. To understand better, if the dishes have sticky stains then you can go for the heavy wash cycle.
  • If the dirt level is moderate then a quick wash cycle or express wash cycle is good to go for. 

In general, an auto wash cycle is good for most needs. Bosch dishwashers have sensors to detect the level of dirt on the dishes and the auto wash cycle adjusts the wash duration and the water temperature accordingly. 

Also, if you think the wash cycle is quite long and your dishes are cleaned before the wash cycle ends, then you can end the wash cycle by pressing and holding down the Start button. 

What Affects Bosch Dishwasher Wash Cycle Duration?

As we discussed above, each wash cycle has a different duration. But why do these cycles have different lengths? Various factors affect the duration of a wash cycle of a Bosch Dishwasher, such as-

1. Water Temperature

One of the factors that determine the wash cycle is the water temperature. The higher the water temperature, the shorter will be the wash cycle. Hot water easily breaks down the dirt and quickly cleans the dishes, leading to a small wash cycle.

If the water temperature of the incoming water is already high, then the wash cycle will be shorter. However, if you rely on the dishwasher to heat the water for cleaning then that would increase the duration of the wash cycle. 

2. Detergent

The detergent you choose to go for will also impact the duration of the wash cycle. A mild detergent may increase the duration of the wash cycle as it takes longer for mild detergent to break down the dirt.

If you choose an abrasive detergent that is harsh on the grease and dirt then the wash cycle will be reduced. 

3. Load Size

The next factor affecting the duration of the Wash cycle is the load size. The lesser the number of dishes you want to wash, the shorter the duration.

If you have many dishes to be cleaned in the same lot then the wash cycle will have a significant increase in the duration of the wash cycle. 

4. Dirt Level

If the dirt level is high for the dishes you want to clean, then the wash cycle’s duration will be longer. For instance, if you go for the auto wash cycle then the Bosch Dishwasher will automatically set the duration of the wash cycle by determining the dirt on the dishes.

If the dirt level is mild and the stains can easily be cleaned, then the wash cycle will be short. In case, the dirt level is high and the stains are hard to remove, then the auto wash cycle will be programmed to have a higher duration for optimal cleaning. 

Bottom Line

For most of the users, the quick wash cycle or the normal wash cycle should be optimum if you don’t have any delicate dishes to clean.

Our suggestion would be to go for an auto wash cycle as it automatically determines the best wash duration and water temperature depending on the number of dishes, and the dirt level. You can also refer to the user manual that you get with your Bosch Dishwasher to know what cycle to go for. 

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